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What do you get when a small group of friendly smoking enthusiasts, who have a penchant for using beautiful glass water pipes, meet and want to take the internet by storm? That’s right, Glass Bongs!

Glass Bongs are a handful of 420 smokers who have a passion for glass paraphernalia and who want to share their knowledge about these great pieces with the rest of the world. With over 35 years of bong smoking experience, these veteran smokers sure know what they’re talking about, and that expertise is what makes this website the ONLY resource you’ll EVER need when it comes to learning absolutely everything about glass bongs.

Glass Bongs Making has two goals. The first is to provide readers, whether they’re new to smoking or are 420 masters, with honest glass bong reviews, news, Top10s, and How-to guides. Because the team is a group of serial smoking specialists, the information you read will always be up-to-date and relevant to your interests. Reviews won’t just cover pricing and dimensions, they’ll also include the benefits which matter most to a smoker, like, what kind of a rip do you get, is the chamber easy to clear, and how potent is the toke?

As well as honest, in-depth glass bong reviews, the team will also write feature articles on fantastic water pipe deals – so you always get great value for money when you’re shopping for a new bong, Top 10 lists – so you know which glass bong is the best one for any given occasion – and How-to guides – including how to clean your water pipe, and how to add accessories, etc.

GlassBongs are always on hand if you have a question that hasn’t yet been covered in a review or blog post. If you’ve got something you’re desperate to find the answer to, drop the team a message and they’ll send you a reply back right away. Once they’ve sent you a response, you can bet you bottom dollar that they’ll be writing up a post about it to share with other smoking enthusiasts.