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ByGladys Stephens

Health Benefits Of Bongs

Everybody loves a spliff,” or so the saying goes, and it is true that for the majority of the non-marijuana-using public, the bitter, the reefer, the joint, the spliff, the cone, the doobie, the fat one, the L, whatever name you choose, the classic, paper wrapped, cardboard tipped marijuana cigarette is what comes to mind when conversation turns to”potheads” or weed smokers. The spliff (my term of choice,) is, generally speaking, the first, and I am sure in some cases the only, experience many of us have of the joys of cannabis smoking. There’s the convenience; someone’s always got tobacco, and you can usually beg a paper. There’s also the cost; buying baccy, or a packet of Rizlas won’t break the bank. On top of those things, there’s also discretion; “No Officer, the tobacco and the papers are for traditional roll-up cigarettes” beats “No Officer, it’s a three-chambered, resin stained flower vase, and err, that’s not a quartz nail.”

The apparent problem with the spliff is that often tradition leads us to mix tobacco with our marijuana, in fact, this is a necessity if smoking hashish. While not considered a significant issue for a long time, these days with the awareness we have about the harmful effects of tobacco, many users realize that smoking spliffs can be a risking business. From personal experience, I know the great sense of wellbeing that comes from tackling the day to day tasks of life with a good spliff hanging from my mouth. If it goes out, no problem, it lasts a bit longer, and I’m comforted by the knowledge that if anything comes up that requires a moment of contemplation, the simple act of lifting a lighter to my mouth will give me the lift I need. I’m sure many of you recognize this, but do you also realize the risks you are exposing yourself to by permanently having a “hippy cancer stick” stuffed in your mouth? Yes, yes, “Booooooring..” I hear you all groan, but fear not, that is the end of the bad news! Thankfully, due to the great ingenuity of humanity, there is a solution. You don’t have to face certain death at the hands of a dirty death cone, for we have bongs……

Bongs are much healthier for stoners than spliffs are. There, I’ve said it, and I’m a stalwart spliff smoker. Bongs are particularly significant for potheads who have asthma. The water in a bong helps to filter out up to 90 percent of the toxins of marijuana smoke, including the nasty cytotoxins which impair immune cells, and tar, which clogs up your lungs. And because the smoke gets so cold as it passes through the bong water, many percolators, and cold air, a bong rip is always smoother and more relaxed than a drag on a joint.

So there we have it, a doobie lover admitting that bongs are better! Now you know the health benefits of bongs, you’ll see this tool in a whole new light, and if you make the change from reefer to water pipe, you’ll be around a lot longer to enjoy marijuana than the rest of us cone loving connoisseurs.